The Corporate Relationship

The Corporate Relationship

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  • On April 14, 2021

Everyone struggles from time to time and all of us at ancroo certainly have over the last few months, but , today we were reminded of the reasons Steve & Andi set out on the journey to change the way things are, We have all been struggling over the last few months asking are we doing the right thing? Have we got this whole entire situation wrong and are we looking at what’s happening to the people of the industry wrongly?

Have our own experiences of the past 6 years of working towards the ancroo goal tainted our perception.

It’s taken a great mans passing to remind us that the world was a lot kinder place 15 years ago and people supported each other a lot more.

Over the past probably 10 or so years we have all become digitally connected but physically disconnected. We have become slightly mean and we compare ourselves to others a lot more instead of striving to be the best version of ourselves and with that become a little bit more insecure within ourselves.

In being fearful of standing out from the crowd we see great initiatives come and go through lack of backing.

This is what we want to touch on, it’s been a struggle to keep faith in what we are trying to achieve for the people of our industry. We have seen slowly other groups seeing what we have been seeing for years now and starting to follow the lead of speaking openly about some of the issues. But these issues that we are dealing with are not just exclusive industry issues they are societal issues that have crept into the music industry bubble.

Please don’t get us wrong there are specific industry issues, there always have been it’s a less than perfect industry in many ways, but in many other ways it has looked after it’s people incredibly well for many years.

We always had a plan to make a more supported industry a more mentally fit industry by learning from the past and seeing what had worked what has change and the affects that has had on the people doing the day to day graft building the shows people love, the people like you and me and trust me looking at all that has been a head F**k in itself.

One problem across the bored right now is the term mental health it covers such a wide range of issues and that includes our general mental wellbeing, but both sayings carry stigma and misunderstanding.

Mental health – stigma – diagnosable mental health conditions = your not right in the head and will loose work – it’s something to be ashamed off. – stay away from them they’re trouble.

Mental wellbeing – stigma = candles – retreats – finding yourself an air of being week and a bit airy fairy. – it’s all a bit hippie. – bloody snowflakes.

The two stigmas could not be further from the truth, however these stigmas and miss interpretations have their groundings if we look at history we always deal with extremes we deal with the surface problem the outcome and not what has caused or is causing the problem. We have come so far past balance that we are now catering for extremes and that is now how we view mental health, we will continue to NOT make progress while we do not reintroduce kindness – confidence – support and respect in our everyday working lives and restore a bit of balance and self worth (without the ego)

This only works if it happens across the bored and while society favors the social standing the corporate entities to know what’s best, initiatives setting out to help solve some of these problems will find it impossible to survive. We have always said by working together we can fix many of the issues not everything needs a psychologist or a life coach or specialist to guide us through, many times it is experience knowledge and an understanding of life it’s ups and downs and generally just being more supportive and understanding can reduce the cases of what are now diagnosable mental health conditions.

The world of corporate and business are still trying to wrap their heads around and trying to understand how to deal with mental health and sometimes what it means, it’s unfair of us to expect them to solve this on their own with no input from those that are affected.

Many of the problems we face today are founded in the relationship between corporate and person. What happens when the loyalties appear to only travel one way and the skill, experience knowledge and understanding of what happens on the ground are taken away by lack of support from the office, not through lack of care or understanding or want for control but more to do with trying to support and care for staff in the office and their welfare along with a pressure to solve the issues while trying to conduct normal business, with very little input as to what’s really happening. You might as well blindfold them stick some random solutions on a dart board and let them have a round of darts to solve the problem.

The more we put in rigid structures as to how we must behave or what can and can’t be said the more insecure and wary we become and the more complaints are likely to land on the steps of an office, most complaints stem from frustrations and nearly always that frustration is not the one being raised it’s something someone can articulate and a niggle that allows them to vent. The less we become able to make decisions for ourselves the more our mental health will be affected.

Let’s stop and think for a second before time runs out and we all return to work can we take a leap into the dark admit that there is a lot that needs fixed, mental health, mental welfare, mental wellbeing whatever you want to call it is something that affects everyone, has a standing in every part of our lives from a diagnosable issue to not being supported in do your job, to the office not looking at a true picture as to what’s going on and doing what seems to be the easy option to solve the problem.

It’s only with everyone’s support that something can change, it’s only by realising what is good for the many is also good for the corporate, if there is trust on both sides things can happen and good change can make progress, but until everyone can engage on level that all can understand we will struggle to get anything done.

Maybe the next step for all of us is to get involved. People stop being fearful of corporate control and corporate stop being fearful of empowering those on the ground.

Let’s start rebuilding the relationship and everything will get better it’s a leap of faith I know, lets start getting a real handle on mental health for everyone not just the extremes yes that includes the issues that drive you mental.

The Corporate Relationship