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Ancora Group Ltd Mission

The Ancora Group are not looking to re-invent the wheel
Our main aim is to:

• Raise awareness and understanding of mental health and mental health issues within the live event industry

• Change people’s attitude and concepts regarding mental health

• Help people to understand where and how to get support

• Break the silence and stigma by promoting cultures of positive wellbeing throughout the industry – We want to lift the lid on existing misconceptions so no one feels alone in their struggle and to ensure everyone feels comfortable in reaching out for the support they need

• Closely work with people, venues and other organisations within the industry to achieve this as current statistics show that people are still afraid to speak out

• Help develop a research programme to understand the nature and impact of mental health
by forming a partnership with like-minded companies.
Key to this success is breaking the silence and stigma that can surround mental health in society in general and the live event industry in particular by promoting a culture of positive well-being.

We appreciate that every organisation has its own culture and way of working, and no doubt it’s the same for mental health and well-being, however we are looking to support employers in creating their ideal approach whilst recognising any existing provision.
Within the Ancora Group proposal there are a number of key elements which together offer a holistic and joined up approach specifically targeting those within the live event industry:

• Educate and inform the workforce – with messages tailored to the workforce, to leaders and champions, helping everyone understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to mental health wellbeing.

• To support in creating the right programme, offering guidance on specific worker issues from creating a stress free management policy through to connecting the workforce to appropriate support at the right time.

• To visibly support the framework throughout with relevant and accessible communication materials, in whatever capacity they may take.

• To help build an evidence base by working with fellow companies to develop a research programme which may help the music industry understand the nature and impact of mental health and ensure the development of effective and robust solutions.

• Build a Music Industry mental health programme that provides support, help and advice.

• Provide a mental health service that is easily accessible and staffed by people who understand the industry.

• Address mental health at educational establishments so students are aware of what possibly lies ahead – It’s not all glam!!

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