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“I know some days are hard, But I know how strong you are, The front door’s open if your broken, Let’s talk the night away sometimes we get it wrong stick the kettle on.”


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Are you ready to build a brighter more supported industry

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Why choose us?

Responsive, unique, multipurpose

Why does anyone choose to work and connect with anyone? Who knows?

This is what we can offer, we are here for every single person that works in live music.

Our team work on the ground as crew in this business we call music, when it comes to the issues faced by us all we’ve been there done that and got the T shirt in someway or another.

We are not interested in our pound of flesh, or only catering towards those with diagnosable mental health conditions, in fact you could say the opposite, we are here to promote and sign post you to the right help while we deal with those issues that drive you mental and can more often than not dive you to a mental health condition.

This is a place where we promote other organisations, help to reduce the doubling up of services and bring them all together to help better serve you.

Everything Ancroo is free for people in live events. Companies can support you by supporting Ancroo, this helps in reducing the confusion and saving money for everyone.

We would love your help too, that can be done by buying Ancroo apparel this helps with funding and spreading the word.

Lets get you the support & welfare you need not what others decide is best.

You may not agree with everything we do, but find us something that does!

We are the reduced menu, the streamlining, providing what’s needed not a long menu of choice that leaves you more lost than when you started.

It doesn’t matter what system of support and welfare you align yourself with, here its about what’s right for you and those around you.

The time has come to break down the divide and work towards what’s right for all, whatever you may need.

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